Custom Molded Chocolates

Did you know that the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations drank chocolate as cold drink by crushing the cocoa beans into the drink? The World has much to offer in the use of cocoa beans and today has led to the existence of custom molded chocolates with the help of innovation in the field of chocolate making technology. So we mold Belgian chocolate to a variety of shapes and package them for aesthetic pleasure, whether serving a theme or a corporate gifting requirement.

Why Go for Our Customized Molded Chocolates

Firstly we ensure that you get the best quality chocolate molds. We customize it to your needs and requirements. For example, if you wish to have your logo on the gold chocolate coins, we will have them done for you. If you wish to add images or other messages that will too be taken care of.

We offer a variety of shapes and sizes with various packaging options. Some of the shapes include stars, hearts, coins, cigars and chocolate message bars as customized molded chocolates. There are also shapes to serve a particular occasion. For example you could get molded pumpkin-heads for the occasion of Halloween however customized with your personal message on it. We also have a wide range of packaging options which include boxes, organza bags and even treasure chests for the coins.

Presentation is really important for customized molded chocolates. So we ensure that you get it finished and perfected to just the way you desire them to be. Molded chocolate with customization ensures that you are able to serve both the purpose of delighting recipients with the taste of scrumptious chocolate molded to your creative desires.

Unfortunately, technology yet does not allow us to sample the taste of each chocolate online. Check out each idea in our customizable molded chocolate category and range that we offer.

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“ I wanted to thank you and your customer service team for such a great job with the favors for my wedding. The chocolate coins came perfectly packaged in each pouch just as I requested and I appreciate the quick turnaround time. I will recommend you will all my friends that are getting married soon”

-Kathryn Santinelli – Brooklyn, NY

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