Chocolate Candy Bars - Chocolates are loved and relished by people of all generations. So, whether you have invited adults, kids or a group of people of varied ages, you can opt for chocolate candy bars as the ideal party favor.

Custom Molded Chocolates - Did you know that the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations drank chocolate as cold drink by crushing the cocoa beans into the drink? The World has much to offer in the use of cocoa beans and today has led to the existence of custom molded chocolates with the help of innovation in the field of chocolate making technology.

Corporate Chocolates - Are you planning a mega corporate event to celebrate your business success? May be you are looking for an ideal gift to offer to your business partners while addressing and thanking them for their association with you.

Personalized Chocolate Hearts - Chocolates are universal favorites. They are recession proof and never cease to stand as a sweet prospect, both for the makers and the one buying them.

Personalized Chocolate Poker Chips - Personalized Chocolate Poker Chips are one exciting fetish, and a rage at parties and gatherings! Casino events too have realized the fun and taste they stand for. The poker chips we deal in are chocolate poker chips made to electrify any party or revelry.

Personalized Chocolate Coins - Our Personalized Chocolate Coins are proven world-beaters in the field. Having got acclaim from the likes of Switzerland and Israel, we have always striven to surprise you with our elegant, classy, and superior coins made from chocolate.

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“ I wanted to thank you and your customer service team for such a great job with the favors for my wedding. The chocolate coins came perfectly packaged in each pouch just as I requested and I appreciate the quick turnaround time. I will recommend you will all my friends that are getting married soon”

-Kathryn Santinelli – Brooklyn, NY

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