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" Hello. We received the chocolate shamrocks! They look great. Thanks for wrapping them up so beautifully and they taste wonderful"

-Tina Young – Reno, NV

How to Add a Personal Touch to Corporate Gifts

Your staff needs to be rewarded when they perform exceptionally well. This not only shows your appreciation for their hard work but inspires others to give their best and win rewards. This is a great motivational tool as well. You could even gift your clients and business associates personalized items to show your appreciation. You don’t have to spend a lot to do so either. By choosing gifts like personalized t-shirts with the company logo or pens with the employee’s initials and the company’s logo or personalized chocolate wrapper bars, you give something that has that personal touch without having the break the bank.
Chocolate Combo Bar 1

Personalizing Your Gift


Spending time and money over the gift and its packaging can help show the recipient that you have put some thought into it and it isn’t just a promotional gimmick. A personal touch fosters a sense of belongingness and loyalty towards the company.


The best way to personalize chocolate wrapper bars, t-shirts or any other reward of your choice is by adding your company’s logo or the name of the employee/recipient. Make sure to be subtle about the use of the company logo or else the employee may feel the gift is another marketing attempt!
Chocolate 4
Make sure you choose an online retailer who not only offers customization but also high quality products. For instance, if you are looking for chocolates, choose a site that offers a wide variety of shapes and wrappers to choose from, while ensuring that each product is made only from premium quality chocolate.


Easy to Personalize Gifts


There are a variety of gifts available online to choose from. Here are two of the easiest items to customize:


•    Chocolates: Very few people on this planet fail to appreciate good chocolate. Custom made chocolates and personalized chocolate wrapper bars with your company logo and even a message can easily be created. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and you’re done. The prices are affordable too.
•    Shirts and T shirts: Gifting young employees trendy t-shirts with the company’s logo and a message of appreciation can go a long way in making them feel good about themselves and the company. Older employees who prefer wearing shirts to work can be gifted custom-made shirts.
Chocolate 3
So, do your initial research on what would suit your company’s image and budget the best and get started with reaping the benefits of rewards that have a personal touch or message.

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2 Responses to How to Add a Personal Touch to Corporate Gifts

  1. Joe Foster says:

    Always thought of personalized gifts for clients. Great to read this for ideas to reward employees. T-shirts appear too expensive an idea. The personalized chocolate wrapper bar sounds doable.

  2. Nancy Lewis says:

    Hey, I did this too. It’s great. Got my company’s logo onto a wrapper. Looked really cool. People loved the chocolate! Goodwill is really important for a team.

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