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" Hello. We received the chocolate shamrocks! They look great. Thanks for wrapping them up so beautifully and they taste wonderful"

-Tina Young – Reno, NV

Chocolate Squares as Perfect Corporate Gifts

Doing great work is simply not enough in today’s competitive world. In order to succeed, you need to keep people happy. These people could be anyone connected with your business – existing and prospective customers, employees or business partners. A company’s well-being depends, to a large extent, on the relationships it has with these groups and the goodwill it enjoys. One definite way to earn goodwill and forge a long-lasting relationship is by gifting smooth, mouthwatering chocolate squares.


Fine Quality Chocolates


Chocolates are known to help the body secrete endorphins, which reduces anxiety and generates the feeling of happiness. When you gift chocolates to your clients and colleagues, they begin associating this feeling of euphoria with your company and brand. And, if it is fine quality Belgian chocolates, the feeling of happiness multiplies manifold.


Choose from universally loved flavors, like milk or dark chocolate. Else, you can be a little adventurous and opt for dark mint or milk raspberry.


Lasting Impressions with Chocolate Squares



Delight your clients and employees by gifting chocolate squares with:


Personalized Wrappers: You can have your chocolate squares wrapped in special, colored wrappers with your logo on it. Always opt for commercial quality, premium glossy paper for the maximum impact. You can either choose from existing designs or have the team create a new design at no extra costs.


Chocolate Squares with a Message: You can have a message and your logo on the chocolate square too! The square shape of the chocolate gives more space and you can put a message without making it look cluttered. The message could be simple – like We Value You Immensely or even Thank You for Your Support. Having the logo on the chocolate will not only increase brand visibility, but also brand recall.



Special Packaging: Add a touch of sophistication to your corporate gift by getting it packed in organza bags with custom ribbons. The more attractive your gift appears, the better would be the image of your company in the mind of the receiver. You can choose from options like silver, black, burgundy, copper, gold, red and mint green, depending on the color(s) in your logo.


Print Logo on Chocolate Squares: You can even get your logo printed on the chocolate square. Yes, you can have a colored version of the logo, made with edible ink! This is sure to make the chocolate squares a unique gift. Your clients are sure to be impressed and remember your company!


So, don’t waste time contemplating what gift to give. Check out our delicious range of chocolate squares with innovative designs.

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