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How to Help a Family Member Quit Smoking

A smoker when threatened, pestered or insulted will not stop smoking, says the owner of a blog You can hide the cigarettes and cigars, but you simply cannot get rid of all the tobacco in the world. There is unfortunately no solid and guaranteed solution for making a family member or friend quit smoking. A smoker is perhaps more aware than you of how much harm the nicotine is causing. If you are dealing with an adult, it is not going to be easy. But there is no harm in trying with positivity.


Tips for Helping Someone Quit Smoking


A very important thing about smoking is the fact that it is all in the mind of the smoker. Yes, it is a psychological phenomenon. A smoker who has not smoked for 2 weeks does not have the physical withdrawal symptoms or urge to smoke, but the psychological urge it tougher to get over. So, here are some things that are worth trying:


  • Every time someone expresses the desire to quit smoking, encourage them. Make sure that it is positive reinforcement, like how proud you are that they are trying to quit. To show your support, you can gift the person a box of chocolate cigars. Else, get the box and give the person one every time he or she says no to nicotine. The chocolate cigars are a delicious substitute and look very much like the real thing.

  • Another gifting idea that might help encourage someone to quit is a kit with alternatives to smoking. There are gums in various flavors that help with the oral addiction. In fact, mint chocolate is also a great choice.

  • Acknowledge the efforts made by your family member or friend to stay away from smoking. They may not have quit completely and may have reduced the number of times they reach for their cigarettes during the day. This too is in the right direction and takes a lot of will power to achieve. So do recognize the effort. A pat on the back works much better than all the nagging you can muster.

  • If a person has quit smoking, immediately remove all traces of a smoker being in the house. From clothes that smell of smoke or ashtrays lying around, the home needs to thorough check.

A little bit of your support can work wonders to encourage a person to quit smoking. And do remember to stay positive, whether the person is successful or meets with failure at first in his/her endeavor to quit smoking.

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2 Responses to How to Help a Family Member Quit Smoking

  1. Melissa Conan says:

    Liked reading this post. I have been trying to get my husband to quit smoking. Will try the chocolate cigars to encourage him. Hope my efforts work.

  2. Frank Rumaro says:

    Mint chocolate actually worked for me when I quit smoking. It was better than having gum which made my mouth very sore and dry.

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