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" Hello. We received the chocolate shamrocks! They look great. Thanks for wrapping them up so beautifully and they taste wonderful"

-Tina Young – Reno, NV

How to Make Your Spouse Feel Special with Chocolates

Chocolates are not love potions, neither do they make you fall in love. However, they do make you feel as good as being in love. This is due to its effects on the brain that helps release some neurotransmitters, which cause humans to feel happiness, just as they feel when in love. Chocolates can be even used to show your love to your loved ones. There are some excitingly fun ways you can try expressing your affection to your spouse with the help of chocolate gifts.


Chocolate Gifts for Your Spouse on Birthdays and Anniversaries


When buying gifts for anniversaries and birthdays, you need to put a lot of effort to make your spouse happy. But you can easily allow neurotransmitters to get the job done for you. While chocolates are a great gift item, you need to make sure that you present the gift in style.

Chocolate Chunky Gourmet Bar 1j

You can build your own chunky chocolate gourmet bars to start with. You can get them customized from us by adding your choice of ingredients such as jelly beans, peanut butter, Oreo’s malted balls, and a variety of nuts. They will come wrapped in style with cellophane paper. You can gift a bunch of them with a gift label or message.


Truffles made with milk, dark and mint chocolate are also another interesting gifting idea. You can write a special message for your spouse and get the massage imprinted on the gift. This will surely make you partner feel special. If your husband likes poker, there are poker shaped chocolates to gift him. On the other hand, if you are looking for a gift for your wife, consider giving truffles wrapped with aesthetically pleasing ribbons. You could also have image square bars with a picture of you and your spouse imprinted on it.


If you want a more extravagant idea, you could choose a center-piece chocolate box with a small message molded in the center. This would be an ideal gift idea for birthdays and anniversaries. You could also gift our assorted chocolates in a basket with a label that would carry a loving message. There are a wide variety of coffee and cocoa gifts. You can have them labelled for your spouse if he or she is interested in great quality cocoa or coffee as a side-gift. An assorted box must contain dark chocolates because they are healthy for the heart too.

Fall Large Bushel Basket 3

Hence, chocolates not only help you show your love but also show how much you care for him/her.

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