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" Hello. We received the chocolate shamrocks! They look great. Thanks for wrapping them up so beautifully and they taste wonderful"

-Tina Young – Reno, NV

Play Sweet Pranks This April Fool’s Day

One cannot even imagine how creative some people can get with pranks on April Fools Day. Some pranks can end up being very garish and affect the person who the prank has been played on. But what if this day was used to play a prank on someone and they were also made to feel special at the same time. It might sound over-reaching but it is not necessary that one has to be fooled with a negative feeling. For years, we have fooled our siblings by making them eat chocolate cream biscuits filled with toothpaste instead of the sweet cream. Today, you can play the reverse game, play a prank and make them feel good about themselves with these suggestions.

Play Happy Pranks with Chocolate This April Fool’s Day

The Jimmy Kimmel Show featured a segment in Halloween for three consecutive years as of 2013 where parents uploaded their kid’s reactions after the parents lied to their children of having eaten all the Halloween candy. While the practical joke was fun and harmless, here are other ways to do it on April Fools Day.

  • Get Back At Dad: If your daddy plays poker and keeps his box of casino chips lying around, buy yummy chocolate casino chips and fill up the box. It will be a happy prank, so daddy will not be too mad for not finding his casino chips.
  • Get Back With Love At Your Older Sibling: There is a high chance that your older siblings will have a stack of CDs in the house. Claim that you have broken his or her CD (Do not do it in reality). Instead replace it with a chocolate CD.
  • Delicious Prank for Grand Pops: One of you might just have a Daddy or Granddaddy who hides his stash of cigars. Replace them with chocolate cigars. Of course give it back to them too.
  • Make up For Mommy: Chocolate cosmetic kits are a great way to run around the house with and telling mommy that you would not give them back. Finally give it back to her, and check out her reaction when she finds out that they are chocolates.

Finally, chocolate coins are a great way to improvise your prank idea and still get away with it because they are delicious chocolates after all. To get into less trouble, make sure that you have an adult’s supervision when you are planning or buying these chocolates online. Make April Fool’s Day, a happy day and laugh it off with love.

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