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" Hello. We received the chocolate shamrocks! They look great. Thanks for wrapping them up so beautifully and they taste wonderful"

-Tina Young – Reno, NV

Songs to Play at a Casino Theme Party

You’ve planned a casino theme party. The whole room is done up in red and black. Your invitation cards have been designed to look like the Queen of Hearts card from the deck of playing cards. While the décor is usually well thought out, people typically miss out on two essential things that can make the party a success. One is the favors that you give out at the end of the party. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests and for them to talk about the party for days, you can get casino chips made of delicious Belgian chocolate, wrapped in glossy paper.

The other thing that usually slips our list of to-dos is selecting the most appropriate music to play. Everyone would really appreciate your choice of songs, provided you know exactly which ones are the most appropriate for your casino theme party.


7 Songs About Gambling and Casinos


  1. The Gambler by Kenny Rogers – “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em”… Nothing more needs to be said about this song. This sets a melancholy mood, so maybe you can play it later in the evening.

  2. Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley – The king of rock n roll had his very own take on the city that is still among the world’s greatest casino hotspots.

  3. Luck Be A Lady by Frank Sinatra – It is really difficult to resist dancing to this amazing song. You can get the party really rolling and the feet tapping whenever you play this.

  4. The Winner Takes It All by ABBA – This is one of the band’s many golden hits. It has very simple, yet deep lyrics. You can have this song playing while people are enjoying their drinks.

  5. Straight To The Top (Vegas) by Tom Waits – This song from the late 1980s has all the jazzy beats that will take the mood of your guests straight to the top.

  6. Ramblin Gamblin Willie by Bob Dylan – This country song is beautiful for any occasion. The lyrics have a story to tell.

  7. Jesus in Vegas by Chumbawamba – This has a slow beat and it may be a good idea to play this while people are eating their dinner.


In fact, you can even order some casino coin shaped chocolates to pass around while people are playing at a table. You could even wrap a box of these delicious chocolate coins for the biggest winner at your party.

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2 Responses to Songs to Play at a Casino Theme Party

  1. Lucia Moore says:

    Oh, I love many of these songs. Made me so nostalgic. Just can’t wait to organize the next party and play these songs. Liked the idea of the chocolate casino coins too.

  2. Jeremy Luna says:

    I wish I’d read this list of songs earlier. I just ordered these chocolate casino coins for a party I hosted at home. My guests loved the idea. They said the chocolates looked too good to eat!!!

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