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" Hello. We received the chocolate shamrocks! They look great. Thanks for wrapping them up so beautifully and they taste wonderful"

-Tina Young – Reno, NV

Top 5 Gifts for Your Child

Buying gifts for your child, or for any near and dear one for that matter, could be tough business. Needless to mention, your kids are your nearest and dearest. And they consider themselves a part of you in many ways. Naturally, they assume that you know them well enough to buy a perfect gift for them. So, when you get it wrong, it could be heartbreaking for them.


How do Gifts Affect Relationships?


Psychological researches reveal that a good gift goes to show that the giver understands the recipient, while a bad gift means just the opposite. The latter may even affect the relationship between the two parties. And if you give a wrong gift to your kid, the consequences could be even more demoralizing. This is because kids would hardly have the maturity to realize that the parent might just got it wrong. All he knows is that his parent does not understand him or does not recognize his likes and dislikes. Keeping such grave consequences in perspective, listed below are some of the choicest gifts you can offer your kid.


Top Gifts that would satisfy Your Teenage Kids


Here are the top 5 gifts that your teenage kids would surely love.


  • What about a musical instrument? Kids are always intrigued by something new. They are relentlessly looking at opportunities to explore new things and have fun. If you know your boy or girl’s tastes, a musical instrument could be just the right gift for him or her. It could be a mandolin, a guitar, a keyboard or just about anything.
    Research shows that music lessons stimulate young minds just as physical exercise stimulates the human body. Children who attend music lessons are more likely to excel in studies too! So, when you gift a musical instrument to your child, you are actually doing him a whole lot of good! And, once they have an instrument of their own, they would be more than ready to join music classes.

  • Superhero Wall Lights could be a great idea too! With so many of these lights available online, you may get confused when choosing. One good idea would be to gift him a superhero wall light of his favorite star. If you are not sure who your kid idolizes, you can easily find out that. Superman, Batman and Spiderman are among the top three favorite superheroes of all time! And Wolverine follows at a close number 4. You could consider gifting him a set of all four, provided you have the budget! If he has a thing for super-heroic activities which most boys of today have, he is likely to be thrilled!

  • A Cool Wi-Fi Camera Buggy would be another great idea? Most of the modern kids think that gadget based educational games are fun! And teenagers can hardly imagine life without their high end phones and tablets! And clicking pictures is favorite pastime for many kids. A cool wireless camera buggy, which can click photos effortlessly, is likely to capture their fantasy. They can click fun pictures and their friends are likely to be impressed by it as well.

  • Chocolate CDs are an all time favorite. Did you know that chocolates contain a substance called Phenyl Ethylamine? This is a natural ingredient that is believed to create identical stimulations as one would feel when he or she is in love! This is why loneliness, heartbreak and solitude act as excuses for chocolate binging! Naturally, your teenager would love it! Remember, teenage is the time when hormones wreak havoc. Infatuations and episodes of love are more common in this phase of life. What better way to tide through it all than by munching on chocolates! Besides, carefully picked and supremely crafted chocolate CDs are excellent for carrying special messages. You can choose a customized insert with a few words. You can even engrave words on the CD and use an innovative packaging. You could even choose intriguingly shaped chocolates that capture your youngster’s fantasy.

  • A yearly voucher of a Favorite Eatery is also a Good Idea. Eating out is common among adolescents of today. They love to party at their favorite eatery. Gifting them a yearly voucher at one of their favorite places could save a chunk of their pocket money! They would readily accept this gift.


Some Tips for Choosing the Right Gift for your Child


  • One great idea is to talk with your youngster before choosing any gift. Even if your gift is a close guarded surprise, you could still pick up clues from an impromptu conversation.

  • If you aren’t sure of what to gift, consider a gift card instead. A recent research has revealed that almost 84% Americans prefer gift cards these days, because they keep the options open.

  • Always keep the option of exchange open. In case your child does not like the gift, you should be able to replace the gift.


Gifting is an art. You need to approach it with a great of enthusiasm and heart. With time, you will master the art of choosing gifts.

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