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Our Personalized Chocolate Cigars are the perfect way you can express love and respect! Cigars have always been royal expressions of gratitude, thanks, and respect to someone you have known for a long time. Apart from this, they happen to be magnificent gifts at parties, celebrations and weddings! Our classy personalized chocolate cigars have for long pleased the men on the side of the bride, groom and groomsmen at numerous wedding functions!

Assortments of our Personalized Chocolate Cigars

  • One box of 12 Large, round, and crafted with finesse chocolate cigars where each of these beauties is artistically wrapped with foil paper. The foil paper is colored just like tobacco leaves, making them look just as royal cigars are! These cigars are made with the finest milk chocolate and are encased in a solid cigar box.

  • One stylish display box of 3 large, round and classy vintage cigars with see through covering. These personalized chocolate cigars are bound by gold ribbons and artistically wrapped with foil paper, giving them that classic, genuine cigar appearance!

  • One stylish hard box of 24 fine and solid milk cigars. The cigars have a streamlined form and are artistically wrapped in shiny gold foil. These personalized chocolate cigars have your message on their bands!

  • One stylish hard box of 24 cigars wrapped in blue and in pink. These cigars come wrapped in shiny blue or pink foil and are a hit at baby shower and similar occasions!

Our cigars are made with the finest Belgian chocolate. And therefore, our products are never fragile or substandard. We, at do not charge you unfairly. The prices are what our remarkable cigars deserve! We make it easier for you to avail the glee that our customized chocolate items possess for you!

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“ I wanted to thank you and your customer service team for such a great job with the favors for my wedding. The chocolate coins came perfectly packaged in each pouch just as I requested and I appreciate the quick turnaround time. I will recommend you will all my friends that are getting married soon”

-Kathryn Santinelli – Brooklyn, NY

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